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It is quite late in the evening now and we just finished 2 round of Gin Rummy, the Dragon won the 1st round and I did the 2nd.  It has been a long tedious day today as the weather was playing up, greying, cold and windy, and drizzling all day long. It has been quite a sleepy day but I managed to complete an hour plus learning Spanish online with Duolingo App I have on the pad, that has gone on well progress so far. The Cricket is by now bedded down somewhere in Berlin for the race tomorrow for Field and Track with other children. We had bread, crumpets, hummus, jam and vlaa for dinner, very light one, as nothing much has been going on today.  Tomorrow is full moon, so it is bit special there.  Just trimmed and cut peppermint, so that it regrows and expanses more. The lavender bush in the garden is doing fantastic.  Spring does not greet me well with its pollen and fresh cut grass, I sneeze and cry and itching red nose most days;  however, sniffing lavender gives such a relief to my hay-fever.

It’s been quite busy since Monday and Tuesday was brilliant as we played Articulate for Kids at school. My child (student) was able to play and get actions, as well as body language to express what he could not explain, as this is the second year that he is exposed to English, and could not express himself well.  I recommend it to any ESL and EAL class for adults as well  as children. Please try it and share your view with other educational establishment so that we all benefit, having fun as well as learning for children.  Have a wonderful evening everyone and Buenas Noches 🙂

Another small accomplishment

Just started the first page of my book, YAY!!! My Goodness, why did it take me so long, just to sit down and put down my thoughts into words? No. I mean typing into computer.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day today, have been to school, did my work, updating this site and start writing my book at last!

What draws back most of us to do the thing, which we like most? What is it? Time, money, circumstances, stress, too busy, can’t be bother? Why can’t we bother to do thing we like? Are afraid of being happy? Are we afraid of other people think that we are silly, oh, copy cat again, oh it is a new trend hey? Are we afraid of people passing comments on us?

I am not afraid of anything in the above, but don’t know why it takes me so long to start writing again. To be precise, 30 years ago, I wrote diaries and memoirs 30 years ago and . . . .

Good night the Universe, I am so grateful and thankful for today’s work. It is wonderful and I am taking a break from the computer and the internet. Namaste everyone


Updating – Home

Just brushing up HOME. I am using the free version of hosing on WordPress and the widget can not be customised and clickable links to my friends’ site. Oh, well let’s learning by doing. I am grateful and thankful to WordPress that provides this kind of facility, and allows me to learn at the same time. If anyone know could tell me how to improve widget on this free version hosting, I’m much appreciated.

1 thing new every day

A friend of mine told me that fruits are most kept well and have long life if one puts them apart from each other, namely they are not to touch one another; when they are together in a bowl, their skins interact with one another and they go off quickly. As a rule, sailors, in the old days, without fridge and freezer on board, are to keep fruits and vegetable in such way that they don’t touch each other individually, but how does one afford luxury of space on board? If any reader would like to testify on this, please share your knowledge and we all in a journey of learning together, thank you.