How to sell my vacation time?

Good Sunday afternoon the Universe 🙂

One says, oh, I am on a vacation and that is great; it was great and I loved it. Where? Spain!!!

The Mediterranean Sea I always heard about it, read about it and looked in magazine or on holiday promotion brochure. But the real thing? It is nothing like you looked at in book, or magazine – it is BEAUTIFUL – the Sea, to me it is immense hard to find words to describe it; the mixture of sea, wind, sun, sands, rocks, temperature, waves and those white bits worming along the surface when it is windy and I did not bring my pad with me to take pictures, it was so excited to go to the beach.

We went hiking to see an old volcano bowl (I did not note the name down) and went deeper and deeper into mountain range with no trees only big bushes of palm and desert plants. The sun beat down hard on us, the wind and mountains and the sky, we feel so small and really insignificant but fill with bliss, contentment and just be. We snack on apples (manzana) and water (agua) …… uh, I am going to link this to my book ( with a small video clip from where we stay.  While I am writing this, am waiting for the clip to upload as well.

Small exploration into villages and found nursery with beautiful plants from my country too, Franchipani and Aloe Vera, and Bougenville, seem like they are native plants over there. Does Spain import its plants to Asia and some bits and pieces of its architecture to my country – Cambodia, long long time ago. There is striking similarity of houses and styles, plants and it makes me feel at home 🙂

And these are things to do to integrate with local community I attended  yoga classes at eco centro and meditation and my other hobby. If you are in down South of Spain, come and have a look at this place plenty of beautiful people out there.

And if you are interested in my writing, please go on to my book, which I write my thoughts, with no editing, no plan, just write what comes into mind and it feels good 🙂

I am back home now, sitting in my garden and updating my pages, did not have a single chance when I was on holiday. Have a great afternoon everyone, namaste


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